We welcome all to a place where we can grow together in God’s Love

A Brief History of St. Ann’s …..

1971: 8-10 Episcopal families begin meeting for Morning Prayer in the homes of two members.

Late 1971: A priest is assigned from the Bishop’s staff and communion can now be celebrated.

Spring 1972: Group begins meeting in the little North Gorham Church and decides name – St. Ann’s Episcopal Church.

Late 1973: St. Ann’s is received as a Mission into the Diocese of Maine and makes the momentous decision to accept four donated acres and build a church.

1974: Led by the Bishop, the little congregation marches up the hill from the North Gorham Church and holds its first service in the new St. Ann’s Church.

1977: John and Elizabeth Habecker are hired and are the first full-time clergy couple in Maine. Elizabeth is also the first female priest in Maine.

1986: A successful building campaign gives St. Ann’s a new narthex, larger worship space, more classrooms, a larger kitchen, a new office, and the prow.

2006: Raising $45,000 with the Own our Dream Campaign allows hiring of a full-time rector, Rev. Tim Higgins in 2007.

2009: In memory of 10 yr. old Kelli Jane Hutchison, the “ladybug” playground is built after a successful $30,000 campaign.

2012: Close to 100 children are registered for Sunday School ~ double that of 2007.

2013: We celebrate 40 years and formally announce a capital campaign to accommodate and sustain our growth.