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 St. Ann’s Essentials Pantry

Open: The last Saturday of each month:
Time: 8:30- 9:30

Place: St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, 40 Windham Center Rd. Windham ME

The Pantry serves all those in need in the Windham area.  We are a ministry of Christian hospitality and service to the community. Enter the pantry through the lower side door and we provide you with a bag of cleaning products and personal hygiene products provided by parishioners, local businesses and benevolent organizations in the Greater Windham area.  Contact the Rev. Wendy Rozene for additional information.

Long Creek Youth Development Center
Chair person: Deb Johnson

Long Creek Youth Development Center is a total educational rehabilitative resource within the statewide correctional setting, for both male and female youth offenders. This year we provided 16 Christmas gift bags for the girls at Long Creek that were filled by families from St. Ann’s. The girls were able to choose five items from a list so that their gifts were more personalized this year.

Birthday cards were purchased and signed with a personal note by parishioners to be given to the youth at Long Creek.  It was brought to our attention that many of the kids have never received a birthday card before.  Over 80 cards were signed and Deb brought them over to Long Creek with the sports equipment.

Christmas Stockings For Area Schools
Chair persons:

Again this year stockings are being filled for children in need in the Windham/Raymond School system.  Lists of students are provided by School Guidance Counselors. To maintain confidentiality we are given a list with student’s genders and ages.  Parishioners sign up and fill a stocking for a child and return it to church.  Stockings are grouped and brought to the appropriate schools for distribution.  The need is far greater this year.

Food and Fellowship, Inc. – Monday Meals
Chair person: Dan Wheeler

This past summer, St. Ann’s hosted Monday Meals for the second summer in our parish hall. Thank you to everyone who assisted in this effort.  Each Monday throughout the summer we hosted meals for approximately 125 folks from the greater Windham community.
Monday Meals is an Ecumenical effort of several areas churches and benevolent organizations.  St. Ann’s is responsible for providing four meals a year, two of which are provided by our Youth Group. We also are responsible for providing more than 2-dozen pies for the Thanksgiving meal. Picture to the left.

Donations can be made to:
Food and Fellowship, P.O. Box 911, Windham, ME 04062
Backpacks for Kids Project!
Chairpersons: Tonya Cianchette and Nicole Heanssler

Tonya Cianchette and Nicole Heanssler delivered the backpacks to the Windham/Raymond Schools
Thanks for all your help in filling 28 backpacks for local area students!  With your donations we were able to deliver backpacks to the following schools:

**Outreach request from Windham Primary is socks and winter boots.**

Haiti Partnership
Chair person:

Our partnership with St. Barnabas, Treille, Haiti continues to grow. With our financial support St. Barnabas completed the reconstruction of the first phase of the clean water project by encapsulating a spring head up in the mountains and running PVC pipe down the mountain to the first watering station.  With this phase complete we received thank you notes from the people of the village. We continue to support the project to bring water to a second station in the center of the village near St. Barnabas and building latrines at the church to ensure the water purity.

In addition to the water project we have made Birthing Bags for Haiti mothers.  Over several months parishioners of St. Ann’s have been sewing bags, receiving blankets and collecting baby clothes, exam gloves, alcohol wipes, plastic sheeting, string and maxi pads to put into the bags for moms in Haiti.  The bags were put together at the request of Konbit Sante Health Partnerships.  They will be shipped to Haiti in the next couple of weeks to be used at mobile clinics sponsored by Konit Sante.  These bags will help mothers and infants in Haiti have a healthier and safer delivery.  St. Ann’s was able to fill 145 bags!

Even our children work so support our partner church with Church School Penny Drive for Haiti.  The children of the church school have been collecting pennies during Lent.

Windham Food Pantry/Fuel Assistance

St. Ann’s collects nonperishable food items on a weekly basis to help those in need in the Windham area.  These food items are then brought to the Windham Food Pantry by Carl Henrikson and distributed on a monthly basis through the General Assistance Program.  Items most needed are; peanut butter, jam, breakfast cereals, canned tuna and chicken, pasta, tomato sauce, canned fruits and vegetables.  We have also donated $1000 from the Outreach budget to the fuel assistance program.

General Assistance, 377 Gray Road, Rt. 202, Windham, ME
Phone: 207.892.1931