We welcome all to a place where we can grow together in God’s Love

What We Believe

As Episcopalians, our faith centers around three major components: Biblical teaching, religious tradition, and personal interpretation. We like to call this three-part belief system our “three-legged stool,” which represents the supporting components of our entire belief system. We worship together on Sunday mornings to offer our thanks and praise to God, and to seek companionship and support from our faith community. The Episcopal Church welcomes everyone and celebrates the diversity that we each bring to the church community. Young and old, rich and poor, gay and straight, single, married, divorced and widowed, men, women and children, employed and unemployed, Anglo, Latino, African-American, Asian, African, Native American. All are welcome and valued in the Episcopal Church.

As Episcopalians, we believe:

  • The Holy Scriptures are the revealed word of God, which inspired the human authors of the Scripture, and which is interpreted by the Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Nicene Creed is the basic statement of our belief about God. It was adopted in the 300s by the early church founders and is said every Sunday in Episcopal and Anglican churches around the United States and the world..
  • The two great sacraments of the Gospel, given by Christ to the Church, are Baptism and the Holy Eucharist. At Baptism we affirm the Baptismal Covenant:  Found in the Book of Common Prayer, it is the pledge we make (or that is made on our behalf by parents, godparents, and all members of the congregation) at baptism.  The operative phase that qualifies the promises is “I will, with God’s help.”  In the Holy Eucharist, the center of our worship life, we remember and participate in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ until his coming again.
  • Catechism: The teachings and beliefs of the Episcopal Church are articulated in this “Outline of the Faith.” It is designed in a question and answer format.
    (The above is an excerpt from The Episcopal Diocese of Maine)
For more information

If you’d like more information about the Episcopal faith, Episcopal.org “What We Believe” page.