We welcome all to a place where we can grow together in God’s Love

Christmas Eve Services

4:00 pm: features the K-5 children playing out the story of JOSEPH & MARY as they arrive in BETHLEHEM by the light of a shining star followed by shepherds while angels sing. Can you even imagine being there? Well, St. Ann’s sweet children will lead you right to the lowly manger! You may even hear violins and a viola played by talented young ones.

7:00 pm: Arrive at 6:45 to sing some Christmas carols — and get a good seat! A YOUTH ENSEMBLE is all set to play some of the season’s most beautiful music. The spirit of Christmas is evident and enhanced by lighting candles, dimming the lights, and all singing Silent Night.

10:00 pm: Arrive at 9:45 for Christmas caroling. You’ll be accompanied by CHOIR MEMBERS. Perhaps you’ve heard them practicing with Sue Parsons, our music director. This is always a special evening for the choir. Is this the year you come to the 10:00?